Innovative Institute for Material Studies, LLC – an institute focused on Fusion of Natural Sciences and Real World Technology Engagements.  A Practice of Research Studies involving multiple pathways to gather big data for hypotheses through experimentation, comparison, and modeling.  As source matter experts, IIMS’s team is engaged in optimizing art technology for project mission studies.


National Graphene Association Advisory Board Member appointment to NGA’s mission to bring together current and future graphene stakeholders – entrepreneurs, companies, researchers, developers and suppliers, investors and government agencies; Drive innovation, and promote and facilitate the commercialization of graphene products and technologies in the United States; Provide: 1) access to critical graphene industry information. 2) strategic networking opportunities and organized conferences and expos to drive collaborations and crucial partnerships.

Graphene Sensor Technology LLC — Novel Internet of Things (IoT) sensor aggregation applications for public safety, transportation, and healthcare markets that affect the use in DoD , Intelligence, Cyber security and authentication of IoT devices and data streams.

Holographic Smart City Sensors based on RF Spectrum signature method for detection of explosive material in laptop computers, movable transport vehicle and aerial drones.  Spectrum signatures unique as fingerprint for each detected object to enhance selectivity of digital biometrics or scene identification.

Holographic Sensor Concept System capable to detect and tract low-profile and altitude targets utilizing multi-band high gain doppler radar antenna array system.  Targets detectable from size of a wire-to-tree branch aboard aerial platforms.  Strategic radar sensor mission capabilities for protection performance of object missiles, interference, anti-jamming, and anti-spoofing.  Holographic object data for each of the 360 degree locations is replaced from each compass for its sensor’s inability to point at a target object.  Holographic concept consists of multiple angularity shifted sensors for wide-area visual coverage needed to detect object for Smart City Architecture.

AI-Holographic Radar Sensor Concept System capability incorporates Non-Linear Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) for Automatic Detection of dynamic image multiple-objects stored on-board a memory card or data streamed to cloud data processor for display at command and control center. The system design to provide time, space, and position information on in-flight objects and ground transport objects.  The advantage of the CNN method is that it can learn more abstract and comlex features in the inut space, leading to a lower false-positive and higher true positive rates.  CNNs routinely outperform other methods in similar machine vision tasks with up to 99% accuracy.

AirShips Technology Group, Inc. — Military and defense team project adviser to technology engagement objectives for advanced AirShip UAVs including the development of a bio-mimetic visual-enabled collision avoidance and navigation system for use in GPS-denied environments for flying through forests, urban canyons and caves.  AirShip’s turn-key process for 3D printing FDM-based long-flight endurance vertical takeoff and landing UAV’s is deplorable from filament to production within a short period time.  The process allows for rapid production with embedded sensors and communications for line-of-sight (LOS) and beyond-line-of-eight (BLOS) command and control.  The AirShip UAV is powered by 28% efficient solar film for 12 hours of daylight flight.  A Hydrogen Fuel Cell, with 100 watts of continuous power, uses hydrogen from on-board two wing-mounted hydrogen fuel tanks for up to four nights of continuous flight.  Solar film is recharged through the Sun’s rays and the hydrogen fuel can be made from water.

Innovative Institute for Material Studies, Inc. — Principal Research Investigator for USAF composite material survivability study initiative to identify armor material developments for testing and optimization. Sintered polymeric composite samples of minerals and ceramic elements optimized protective materials postulated on the theory of chaos cross-ply laminate order-disorder to increase toughness, stiffness and reduce mass weight. The armor panel material structure is innovative sintered metal hollow spheres.

The “Composite Integral Armor Initiative” study funding by DoD Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) to KDH Defense Systems ~ for the protection of military, government and authorized law enforcement, civilian security personnel, and land-sea-air transport vehicles.

  • Twenty-Five Metals, Inc. –  a Virginia based enterprise formed to study and explore extraction of rare-earth metal elements from Coal Fly Ash, or CFA.  The usefulness of CFA was found to be the equivalent of surface particles (moon dust) collected during NASA Man’s mission to the Moon.  NASA funded a “Moon Colonization Mission” study with Boeing division Rocketdyne to conceptualize methodologies for extracting rare-moon-metals for on-location manufacturing of composite building materials to compliment future man’s missions.
  • Lockheed Martin’s partner ArmourShield LLC – Charleroi, PA — V.P. of Military, Federal & US Law Enforcement security markets. After dissolution of alliance with ArmourShield of Manchester, UK my relationship continued with USA based ArmorShield Brand with 25 years of custom force protection technology developed for UK’s Special Air Service (SAS) missions.
  • Select Armor Inc – The Plains, VA – Co-Founder – Captured Military, Fire-EMS and Law Enforcement market contracts for Life Protection technologies.

Roy Wright Founder and Principal Reseacher 
Wright was educated at University of Virginia – School of Engineering Sciences (TJ Society 2014) intern at Research Laboratory for Engineering Sciences (RLES). and is a perpetual student of scholarly discipline courses offered online by – UVA, MIT, Stanford, Yale, and Berkeley UC.  Tradecraft technology skills – AEC/DOE, NASA Wallops-EU Space platform, SBA Office of International Trade, CARICOM Secretariat, MicroTactics Data Solutions, SMA/SNAP-II, Incognito DNS, MITC-FIRST Robotics, LMC/Armorshield, KDH/US AFRL, AirShip drones and disruptive case uses evolving IoT sensor solutions for human and object security challenges with emphasis on software and sensors for aerial and ground inspection, mapping, surveying and transportation missions.

His community volunteer contributions include: