Airship UAV and MAV Drones

A leading developer Drone (unmanned aerial vehicles-UAV) and (micro aerial vehicles-MAV) for Defense, Homeland Security, and Civil 1st Responder.  AirShip produces 3D printed, clean tech, long flight endurance UAVs with scalable payloads to provide AirScape intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance-as-a-service.

AirShip endurance UAV and MAV uses a game-changing disruptive propulsion that supports “AirScape” ISR ~ 6 hours to multi-day flight duration incorporating solar film and hydrogen fuel cells.  Patent pending AIRSHIP ENDURANCE VTOL UAV AND SOLAR TURBINE CLEAN TECH PROPULSION (US PATENT #13/650,508,10/12/12).

Clean Tech Propulsion: AIRSHIP UAVs run a constant recharging electric architecture combined with the UAV’s aerial airframe covered with solar film (day flight) and/or Hydrogen Fuel Cell (night flight).

Solar Turbine Propulsion: The AirShip Stinger MAV 1.0 uses the firm’s first introduction of its revolutionary super compressed air and air accelerator tri-turbofans for solar powered, efficient and quiet drone propulsion.

Terrain Operation: Operates over flat, urban, at sea level altitudes and, as required in rural, mountainous terrain and jungle environments.

Integrated UAS-to-IED Detection with Ground Penetrating Radar: AirShip teams with source for an integrated aerial data collection, multi-technology detection system that is a UAS integrated mine and improvised explosive device (IED) detection system. This IoT adoption provides for high resolution detection, recognition and imaging with up to 10 feet seawater plus 3 feet ground penetrating and tolerant to foam and wave condition capability. This non-scanning mono-pulse system allows for dramatic increases in imaging range and recognition ability by integration and smart processing of 2-3 orders more signals than any regular radar scanning system. The proposed integrated drone-enabled system is designed for multi-beam and multi-targets. Detection and image resolution is determined by processor and sampling frequency and is limited by diffraction for small targets. Directional antennas are closely positioned or distributed in small size apertures and 3D printed with the airframe of the UAV.

All Weather UAV: As an all-weather 3D Printed uni-fuselage UAV, it maintains its performance in rain, snow, sand, extreme cold and heat.

Variable Payloads & Sensors: AirShip’s Endurance payloads targets are V1 (3 lbs.), V2 (5.6 lbs.), V5 (15 lbs.) and V7M (50 lbs.) with integrated 360-degree continuous turretbased Electro-Optical/Infrared & Laser Illuminator (EO/IR, and LI) sensors. The heavy lift Endurance V9 has been proposed for a 330 lbs. payload requirement.

Submersible “Flying Ray” UAV: AirShip is designed for aerial to underwater UAV with vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL). AirShip teamed with Chief Engineers from Lockheed-Martin UAS and Oceaneering International for the US Navy Hybrid UAV-toUUV proposed project. Consideration is now underway with Oceaneering for a proposed underwater gas and oil tanker hull inspection program, internationally.

Hydrogen (H2) Fuel Cell: AirShip’s fuel cell delivers from 29 hrs. @ 50W to 156 hrs. @ 100W, to 103 hrs. @ 200W. These fuel cells can deliver more than 300 watts of continuous power in a mid-size form factor the size of a gallon of paint. AirShip will consider specifying from 1 to 6 of their fuel cells to power the V7M, V9 and VX. One fuel cell provides continuous power for 8 hours plus. For the VX, that would mean 48 flight endurance hours (six H2 fuel cells X 8 hours).

AIRSHIP UAS Clean Tech Rising

A special thank you to the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum, in McMinnville, Oregon for the venue filming and use of the Hughes H-4 Hercules (also known as the “Spruce Goose”); a prototype  strategic airlift flying boat designed and built by the Hughes Aircraft Company.  Ben Berry, Sr. worked for Hughes Aircraft Company from 1988 to 1994, where he first envisioned the AirShip UAV for clean tech long flight endurance unmanned aerial systems.

AIRSHIP UAS and the State of Virginia, Nottoway County estimates closing date for Blackstone property by May 2018.