AirShips Technology Group, Inc

Advanced AirShip UAVs concepts of a bio-mimetic visual-enabled collision avoidance and navigation system for use in GPS-denied environments for flying through forests, urban canyons and caves.  AirShip’s turn-key process for 3D printing FDM-based long-flight endurance vertical takeoff and landing UAV’s is deplorable from filament to production within a short period time.

The process allows for rapid production with embedded sensors and communications for line-of-sight (LOS) and beyond-line-of-eight (BLOS) command and control.  The AirShip UAV is powered by 28% efficient solar film, hydrogen fuel cell (HFC) – 250 watts of continuous power from on-board two wing-mounted hydrogen fuel tanks, Lithium-ion metal power storage batteries for up to four day/nights of continuous flight.

Applied Research & Photonics, Inc.

A Unites States grounded research and development manufacturer of TeraSpectra® Spectrometer – Model TNS-3D-I Metrology Tool founded in 2003 by Anis Rahman, Ph.D.

Applied Research & Photonics, Inc, headquartered in Harrisburg, PA, is the technology leader and sole world-wide manufacturer of Terahertz ScanSource Beam Spectrometers, Nanoscanners and Reflectometers for materials and bioscience applications; dedicated to innovative instrumentation for nanoscience and nanotechnology.

A range of nanoscale structure and property measurement solutions comprise surface and interface imaging and analysis, particle sizing and distribution <1 nm resolution, lattice imaging and measurement, layer by layer analysis; volume (3D) imaging, terahertz spectral analysis, modeling and mapping – electrical properties, doping concentration, defect analysis, failure analysis, and metrology.

Novel benefit of TNS-3D-I Spectrometer Nanoscanning for Micro- Nano- and Lattice material test samples of all three axes utilize the integration of Dendrimer Dipole Excitation mechanism and Continuous Wave Terahertz Beam. This proprietary ScanSource Beam resolves the spatial limitation defined by “1873 ADL – Abbe Diffraction Limit” hence removing the need for an optical camera. Therefore, deeper learning-based image Nanoscanning offers peak measurement characteristics undetectable by UV, FTIR or Raman spectrometers; and displays higher sensitivity analysis for molecular events stemming from sub-Pico seconds time-domain Terahertz ScanSource Beam – 0.1 to ~30 THz.

TNS-3D-I Spectrometer is a 21st century patented metrology system concept evolving from the spatial limitation of camera-based spectrometer brands – Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM).

Key innovation of TeraSpectra® Spectrometer for research and inspection scientists is the capability to scan Micro- Nano- and Lattice materials without contact or destruction of test samples in an ambient temperature environment; and to pinpoint and catalyze relevant deep surface examination and analysis of semiconductors, nanomaterials (OD-3D), Inorganics, Organics, Solids, Liquids and Gaseous samples remaining undisturbed (stationary) during Nanoscanning beam in the X- Y- Z- directions per user choice.

TNS-3D-I TeraSpectra® Microscopy in Action

AzTrong Technologies

Composite materials — focus on light weight, thin, and strength capability for a large aircraft fuselage production company designing 3,000 pound capacity drone incorporating functional fiber and textile elements. Thermal management is major benefit.

Conductive ink (silver and graphene mix) for manufacturer of photovoltaic cells.

Integrated system automatic control and services for aerospace operations and maintenance designs. Featuring EMI shielding, EMP barrier coatings and monitoring sensors.



ElderPerch Kit Dwelling

MicroVillage Dwellings leverage emerging technology that enables mobility, connectivity and community for people in all walks of life; and helping occupant learn about and use new technology.Integrated “IoT” design enables occupant to monitor dwelling environment – air quality, moisture/humidity, safety systems for smoke & fire; support services are quickly notified whenever hazardous situations may occur or accidental falls are detected via floor vibration sensor group.

Occupant health monitoring devices linked to Primary and Care Provider data repository for daily weight, heart rate, blood pressure and exercise activities.

MicroPerch Series Kit Dwellings utilize separated and fabricated panelized pieces technique; require no use of placed concrete and can be assembled by two people in a matter of days.  These kits can be configured totally energy independent reduce energy consumption by up to 90%; incorporate potable water collection and storage, and edible plants garden structures.

ENERGID Energy (E2)

E2 is a hybrid US- based energy company producer of natural gas and electricity specializing in MicroGrid power generation incorporating proprietary resource technology configurations to maximize energy efficiency, security and operational performance. E2 develops, designs, operates, and maintains all of the technology required for our turnkey energy solutions.

MicroGrid for remote rural installations incorporates Agile Fractal Grid platform sharing infrastructure for migration of electric power distribution to a decentralized control for improving reliability, resiliency and security of electric power grid.  RunSafe Security is the Security Fabric solution designed for resilient, easy-to-configure, and easy-to-run data center use cases for mobile and tactical communications, emergency and Continuity of Operations (COOP) requirement of DoD, government, and commercial organizations.  XNRGI provides state of the art Lithium Metal battery storage modules for high energy density, fast recharge and low self discharge greatly enhances the life span.


Graphene Sensor Technology LLC 

Core focus of novel Internet of Things (IoT) sensor devices and data streaming for public safety, transportation, and healthcare market applications that affect use in DOD , Intelligence, Cyber security authentication.

Holographic Smart City Sensors based on RF Spectrum signature method for detection of explosive material in laptop computers, movable transport vehicle and aerial drones.  Spectrum signatures unique as fingerprint for each detected object to enhance selectivity of digital biometrics or scene identification.

Holographic Sensor Concept System capable to detect and tract low-profile and altitude targets utilizing multi-band high gain doppler radar antenna array system.  Targets detectable from size of a wire-to-tree branch aboard aerial platforms.  Strategic radar sensor mission capabilities for protection performance of object missiles, interference, anti-jamming, and anti-spoofing.  Holographic object data for each of the 360 degree locations is replaced from each compass for its sensor’s inability to point at a target object.  Holographic concept consists of multiple angularity shifted sensors for wide-area visual coverage needed to detect object for Smart City Architecture.


AI-Holographic Radar Sensor Concept System capability incorporates Non-Linear Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) for Automatic Detection of dynamic image multiple-objects stored on-board a memory card or data streamed to cloud data processor for display at command and control center. The system design to provide time, space, and position information on in-flight objects and ground transport objects.  The advantage of the CNN method is that it can learn more abstract and comlex features in the inut space, leading to a lower false-positive and higher true positive rates.  CNNs routinely outperform other methods in similar machine vision tasks with up to 99% accuracy.


National Graphene Association

IIMS appointed NGA Advisory Board Member to illuminate graphene stakeholders – entrepreneurs, researchers, developers and suppliers, investors and government agencies; Mission to drive innovation, and promote and facilitate the commercialization of graphene products and technologies in the United States; NGA provides: 1) access to critical graphene industry information. 2) strategic networking opportunities and organized conferences and expos to drive collaborations and crucial partnerships.

SmartCone Technologies Inc.


SmartCone Fusion Core Solutions combine IoT technology with sensors and alert mechanisms to create intelligent stable safety and monitoring solutions. The high-tech detection and early warning system is safer, less expensive, and more productive than a human or physical barrier, and provides mission-critical  feedback to essential safety personnel. Solutions for securing vulnerable and hazardous transport zones, large and small by combining sensor data for user configurable thresholds alarms. Multi-dimensional alarming ensures  every possible method to alert the public and/or employees.



High Altitude Pseudo Satellites (HAPS)

2019 – Stratoscout – Lightweight platform for stratospheric balloons will bring valuable data, test conditions and market awareness. First successful test flight October 2019 — Short term testing & filming; Mission duration in hours; Payload up to 1 kg; Total mass of 2-3 kg; Rapidly deployable
2021 – Skyraiser – Medium-sized low altitude platform. It will test the technologies and procedures for the stratospheric version – power management, propulsion, control algorithms, advanced materials and their manufacturing — Mid term applications; Mission duration in days; Payload up to 2 kg; Total mass of 20 kg; Autonomous features

2023 – Skyrider – Full size high altitude (>20km) long duration platform and the ultimate goal of Stratosyst. Running exclusively on solar power with technologies and processes already proven by Stratoscout and Skyraiser — Long term applications; Mission duration in months; Payload up to 10 kg; Total mass of 100 kg; Stratospheric stationkeeping

Tardigrade Industries

The “OCELLUS” Armored Eyewear  brand name offers first fog and scratch proof protective essential vision system accessory.  The armored eyewear provides high energy impact defense that can be paired with existing ballistic protective helmet, respiration and night vision system.    US government certified ballistic laboratory results viewable on website video of modified NIJ Level IIIA standard test of armored eyewear.  Protects human eyes with a clear sight and peripheral vision allowing situational awareness in threat theatre.


Twenty-Five Metals, Inc. 

In process study of extracting rare-earth metal elements from Coal Fly Ash (CFA).  The usefulness of CFA was found to be the equivalent of surface particles (moon dust) collected during NASA Man’s mission to the Moon.  NASA funded a “Moon Colonization Mission” study with Boeing division Rocketdyne to conceptualize methodologies for extracting rare-moon-metals for on-location manufacturing of composite building materials to compliment future man’s missions.



XNRG, Inc.

XNRGI (exponential energy) has developed the first-ever porous silicon chip based Lithium Metal rechargeable battery technology. XNRGI’s 15 patented technologies and 12 pending patents, were developed over a 15-year period with more than $80-million of investment from Intel, Motorola, Energizer, the United States Navy, Argonne National Laboratory / US DOE Department of Energy grant for advance manufacturing and Novellus Systems, among others. XNRGI’s technologies enable scalable, high-volume manufacturing at the industry’s lowest cost, by using existing semiconductor wafer manufacturing and contract assembly which have been perfected in Silicon Valley over the past 20 years. This combination of original technologies and proven manufacturing processes provides XNRGI with an unprecedented manufacturing scale and at a low cost with minimal capex.