Light Reinvented

LEC Lighting Technology is uniform source manufactured by infinite lite technologies of Colorado

CeeLite® LEC Technology-based lighting products are different from existing lighting sources and represent a separate category of products from anything currently available in the lighting industry.

The technology principles underlying our LEC panels have its genesis in an older proven technology, known as electroluminescence (“EL”). However, our platform LEC Technology is distinguished from traditional EL technology in many ways, including the fact that our LEC panels provide whiter light without a blue cast, have a significantly longer life, provide a more uniform illumination across their surface, emit less noise and electromagnetic interference (“EMI”), utilize power inverters to regulate power output and maintain a more constant brightness and contain certain safety features not contained in traditional EL lighting products. Lighting products utilizing LED and OLED technologies produce light by combining multiple smaller points of light into a larger light source. The platform LEC Technology is distinguished from LED and OLED technologies in that our LEC panels produce a uniform source of light in a single pixel format without multiple points of electrical connection, across a larger flexible area, are visible from a wide angle, are more durable and are not sensitive to vibration. LEC panels also produce light that ensures the color accuracy of the illuminated surface or object.

Award-Winning Technology

CeeLite® LEC technology was named as one of the “Best Inventions 2006” by Time Magazine, one of the “Products of the Year 2007” by Electronics Products Magazine, “Editors Choice Top 100 Products 2007” in Buildings Magazine and the “Green Company Executive Award 2008” by Emerald Asset Management.

In addition, Drexel University has received grant approval from the Green Building Alliance for the use of CeeLite LEC panels in their “Smart House Project.” The Smart House Project will use the platform LEC technology to design a commercially viable product for residential lighting applications.