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Spacecraft built from Graphene could fly without any fuel.

Discoverers of Two-dimensional material Graphene at The University of Manchester, UK ~
Professors Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov – isolated graphene from graphite in 2004.
Awarded Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010.


Meet graphene Professor Catharina Paukner at TEDxDanubia

Everyone is talking about graphene, the new super‐material of the future, which will bring huge changes – proves the pioneer scientist, who dares to re‐think our everyday life and create something completely new. In her highly entertaining speech, Catharina explains that the areas of application of the world’s strongest material are limitless, ranging from the power supply, aerospace, automotive and construction to healthcare and the design of everyday electronics, preventing collapses of buildings to a new design in heating our homes.

Catharina is the co‐founder and Chief Scientist of Cambridge Nanosystems Ltd., a company that produces graphene in industrial quantities without compromising on quality. Labelled in the UK media as “The First Lady of Graphene” and one of the eight business leaders to watch in 2015, she is “an amazing scientist with a passion for her work that is infectious”. She received her MSc in Chemistry from the Karl Franzens University in Graz and developed her PhD research in Materials Science at the University of Cambridge. She has been awarded Fellowship of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) in recognition of her role in the design of new nanomaterial manufacturing systems.


Frank Koppens at Graphene Week 2016. Graphene Flagship

The quantum nano-optoelectronic group, led by Prof. Koppens, studies interactions between light and matter at extreme limits. Several unique and novel techniques are exploited to confine light to nano-meter lengths scales and study physical processes at ultra-fast timescales.

Central in these studies is the rich variety of novel materials that are only one atom thick: graphene and 2d materials. These materials exhibit fascinating properties that we have just begun to discover. Also, novel quantum and topological materials and their interactions with nano-scale light are being studied.

In addition to the new science and physics, the group develops new concepts for photo-detection, imaging systems, optical modulation, nano-scale light processing, and switching, as well as flexible and wearable health and fitness devices. We aim to build prototypes of these disruptive technologies, in collaboration with industry. The group works closely with the Graphene Flagship program, the largest European initiative with 1 Billion Euro funding for ten years.

Graphene Research and Development Institutions & Laboratories

  • UAE – based Masdar Institute
  • The University of Manchester – pre- and post-dispersion.GNP-enhanced epoxy
  • University of Rice – Prof. James M. Tour…attempt to repair spinal cord injuries
  • Delft University – 3D printed bacteria…to reduce graphene oxide
  • The University of Glasgow – graphene used to develop robotic hand with solar-powered skin
  • Yale University – developed an ultra-thin coating material based on graphene oxide
  • National University of Singapore
  • NASA Langley Research Center – Nathanael Miller, Aerospace
  • National Physical Lab – Dr. Andrew Pollard, Res. Scientist
  • National Science Foundation – where discoveries begin
  • National Nanotechnology Initiative – nanoscale materials in use for over 1000 years


Graphene Product Manufacturers and Distributors

  • Veolia – Global resource management
  • Modern Water – UK…based membrane process
  • Neometals – mineral project developer
  • Talga Resources – Australia – BASF Coating Div co-developer Chemetall..graphene-enhanced metal surface coating
  • Graphene Flagship – graphene-based neural probes able to record brin activity in high resolution
  • TexasPEG – water-soluble graphene nanoribbon dispersion
    Haydale – UK graphene-enhanced Araldite resins in thermal management
  • Talga Resources – Australia…graphite mining and graphene supply
  • Zinergy UK – so-develop graphene conductive inks for electrodes in thin, flexible printed batteries
  • Skeleton Technologies – high energy and power density supercapacitors..graphene-based engine start module
  • Grafoid – Canadian…developed GPURE Graphene Polymer nono-porous membrane for next li-lon battery application
  • Ghomas Swan – Elicarb Materials Grade Graphene powder
  • Directa Plus – graphene-enhanced eyewear collection by Ray-Ban…Luxottica Group – design, manufacturer and sell eyewear to enhance a range of glasses.
  • Planar Tech – 2D materials solution provider offering CVD tools for graphene
  • CealTech-Norway – 2017 graphene production  pure PE-CVD graphene
  • Trinity College Dublin – AMBER materials science research center funded by Science Foundation Ireland…graphene-enhanced “silly putty” (polysilicone) to create extremely sensitive sensors…inexpensive device and diagnostics in medicine and other devices.
  • Catholic University-Italy – Sacred Heart (UCSC) and National Research Council (ISC-CNR)…graphene oxide to develop antimicrobial ‘cloak’ to protect from dangerous microbial biofilms.


Graphene News Media

National Graphene AssociationGraphene Entrepreneur – Your Daily Dose of Graphene

Graphene EntrepreneurThe Global Portal for Innovation
…provides the latest graphene news about innovations and the uses of graphene and graphene oxide…showcase graphene applications, graphene uses, developments from graphene companies and manufacturers, and updates on 2d materials.

Graphene-Infothe graphene experts…news aggregator – Israel 

Graphene Stakeholders Association – Buffalo, NY – organized to promote responsible development of graphene-based products.  Focus to develop standard definitions, standard metrology and HSE standards with international, national and industry-based standards. Dr. Alan Rae, Co-founder

NanoBusiness Commercialization Association – Shelton, CT & Washington, DC – Griffith Kundahl, Director – promote commercialization of nano products, advocating US spending through National Nanotechnology Initiative, monitoring EHS regulation from Federal (EPA and FDA) and State Government legislation.

techvision21 – Washington, DC – advocacy, sourcing appropriations, grants, and contracts

IDTechEx – exhibition event Graphene and 2D Materials