IIMS ~ Team of Associates

Roy Wright

He is founder and Intel Researcher who was educated at University of Virginia – School of Engineering Sciences (TJ Society 2014) and intern at UVA Research Laboratory for Engineering Sciences (RLES); and is a perpetual online student of scholarly discipline streamed courses.  Tradecraft technology skills – AEC/DOE Centrifuge Instruments, NASA Wallops-EU Space platform Mobile Aeronomy Lab, SBA Office of International Trade – SBAtlas, CARICOM Secretariat Port Authorities Data Optimization, MicroTactics Data Multiplexer, SMA/SNAP-II Computer Addins , Incognito DNS Software, MITC-FIRST Chesapeake Robotics Team, LMC/Armorshield Body Armor, KDH/US AFRL Research Armor Mitigation Materials, PHILIPS Test Instruments, TANDBERG Voice Recorders, AIRSHIP drones and ISR sensors, Holographic AI MicroRadar Concept applications for aerial and ground inspection, mapping, surveying and transportation missions.

His community volunteer contributions include:  Board of Advisory – National Graphene Association – Publisher & Editor of IoT Science & Technology Summit & Expo Blog – Publisher of Whisk & Quill Newsletters featuring DMV Food, Spirits, Travel, and Performing Theatre Arts Reviews authored by Jordan Wright – Publisher of Alexandria Amateur Radio Club ARC-SHORTS Newsletter – Behind-the-scenes-Scientist at Smithsonian Institution  – National Museum of Natural History Departments of Paleobiology and Mineral Sciences –FIRST Chesapeake Robotics Regional Judge & Scholarship Fundraiser -DMV High & Middle School ~ Science Fair Judge for Washington Junior Academy of Sciences – City of Alexandria’s Chinquapin Organic Gardens and Del Ray Artisans Web + Media Advisor.

Dr. Pavlo A. Molchanov, Ph.D , ScD

He holds an Electric Engineering degree from Kiev National Technical University, Ukraine, 1971;  M.S. in Electron Devices from Kyiv National technical University, Ukraine 1976; Ph.D. in Radio Elements and Radio Systems from Moscow Aviation Institute, USSR, 1980;  Doctor of Science degree in Elements and Devices of Control  Systems from Vinnitsa State University, Ukraine, 1998.

Dr. Molchanov is a world renowned scientist and researcher in the field of radar antenna designs with more than twenty years’ experience in  RF & Microwave circuit designs and compliance tests, over 240 publication articles, four (4) text books and 20 patents. He has 12 years of projects experience with NAVY, Air Force and ONR topics specifically addressing and solving mission problem objectives.

Dr. Olha Asmolova, Ph.D

Received Ph.D. degree from National Technical University of Ukraine “KPI” in 2007 for her work in Optical Signal Detection using Microwave Modulation. She has more than eight years of successful research in microwave, radar, LIDAR, optics, optoelectronics, holography and liquid crystal technology.

Ms. Iryna Dzieciuich

Ms. Dzieciuich earned Master’s in Artificial Intelligence (AI) from Kiev Politechnic Institute and Master’s in Bioinformatics and Medical Informatics from San Diego State University with a focus in metagenomic analysis of the bacterial community. She is Principal Investigator supporting science projects at SPAWAR~ researching autonomy capabilities for small UUV swarms, developing AI detection algorithm for explosive mine detection, and developing AI copper analyzer for monitoring dry dock effluents using chemo-sensing capabilities. She was Co-Investigator on science and technology projects ~ developing bio-buoy system for monitoring of bioluminescent algae plume volumes,  medical drone payload designs, and corrosion sensor research. She has co-authored more than 30 publications in academic disciplines ~ Electro-Optical (EO) / Infrared (IR) sensor detectors & AI processing algorithms.

Dr. Kuan-Tsae Huang, Ph.D

He holds PhD degree from MIT and EECS. Entrepreneur & Business Development Expertise. Worked as IBM VP, e-Commerce and SCM/CRM integration, Service business transformation: NIH/NLM: Lockheed. 2011 top 10 energy innovator award by LAUNCH (State Dept. + NASA.)

Chairman & CEO – AzTrong, Inc. (US & Taiwan company)
Chairman – Taskco e-Business and Sales Force Corporation (US & Taiwan company)

Dr. Huang is an expert in IoT, Industrial 4.0 implementation and graphene commercialization in thermal management, Li-Ion battery & supercapacitor, graphene composites and other commercial / industrial applications. He began his career at IBM Watson Research, had 20+ years working at IBM, was a Vice  President and played a key role to help IBM successfully transform into a global service company. While at IBM, he was also Vice President of e-commerce implementation, Director of intellectual capital and asset Management, solution offerings, etc. He is an experienced business transformation and innovation advisor / entrepreneur.

Dr. Huang’s career also includes: President of National Taiwan Normal University; Adjunct and visiting professor of several universities in Singapore, US and Taiwan; National Library of Medicine/National Institute of Health, President of Singa Lab, President of a joint venture of IBM and Singapore (at National University of Singapore), etc. He is also an experienced entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, Singapore and Taiwan as well as a venture capital investor serving as Chairman of YuanTai Venture Capital and Delta Investment Partner. Huang is a
technology strategist and investment consultant to several large enterprises and governments including Taiwan, Japan, China, Korea and Malaysia.

Currently, Dr. Huang is the Chairman/CEO of AzTrong, a provider of graphene based nano-composite products and solutions, Chairman of Taskco e-Business Corp, an IoT application solution company focusing on energy, fintech and healthcare industries and senior advisor to Ditthavong & Steiner, P.C., a leading US patent law firm based in Alexandria, VA.

Dr. Huang has won several awards including: IBM Corporate Excellence Award, Gold Medal of Giga Information Award, NASA LAUNCH Award – 2011 which awarded to Top 10 Energy Innovators by US Department of State, NASA, USAID and NIKE. He graduated in mathematics from National Taiwan Normal University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering and computer science from MIT. KT is has also served as Managing Partner / Senior Advisor with Emeritus International Group, New York, since 2007.